About Westchester Property Management Group

About Westchester Property Management GroupWith Westchester Property Management Group working as your liaison, you’ll have the security of knowing that a licensed, established firm with 30 years experience, managing 62 properties throughout the area, is carrying out your directives. We offer a full array of property management services in order to maximize your real estate asset value. We do this by tailoring our property management services specifically to your investment goals. At WPMG, we pride ourselves in responsiveness, creativity, client advocacy and unfailing dependability in order to ensure our clients have the finest service available in the market today.

We recognize that board membership is not your full time job, but managing your property is ours. At WPMG, we handle all aspects of managing your property so you don’t have to. Experience has shown that effective property management clearly contributes to a property’s overall success. Since WPMG is dedicated only to property management, our team of dedicated professionals will focus just on managing your property, ensuring you get the attention you deserve. This starts with an experienced property manager who oversees each property, and acts as your primary liaison to the WPMG team working on your behalf.

Below is a list of some of the activities Our Experienced Managers will be involved in:

  • Attend board meetings
  • Attend Annual meetings/Special meetings
  • Provide written management reports
  • Implement board policies
  • Provide weekly property inspections
  • Provide timely correspondence with homeowners and Board members
  • Provide supervision of staff and sub-contractors
  • Ensure enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Assist with committee coordination
  • Negotiate alternate energy choices to fit your budgetary needs
  • Negotiate and contract with vendors
  • Coordinate operation and maintenance of any and all seasonal facilities

WPMG – We Put Control Back in Your Hands

There are times that even established Board of Directors or Managers seek better control over property operations. At WPMG, we are available to assist with any changes necessary to bring control of your property back into your hands. Some services and resources we offer are:

  • Vast Banking Networks for properties in need of bank loans, financial analysis and improved cash flow.
  • Accessible Site Managers.
  • Experienced Vendor Negotiations to secure the best deals with the most qualified vendors.
  • Experienced Construction Management services.
  • WPMG Purchasing Power to insure best pricing on fuel, materials and vendor services-keeping maintenance and common charges stable.
  • State of the Art Accounts Receivable and Payable Programs.
  • Building and Property Financial Needs Assessment.
  • CPA Assistance with year end audits.
  • Transfer Agents Service assistance.
  • Budget and Spending analysis.
  • Legal Counsel Recommendations.
  • Collect accounts in arrears.


Founded in 1988, Westchester Property Management Group has successfully managed properties throughout the region for almost three decades.